SHOT #33

Dates: December-2022
Location: Probably in Laos
Hare: Chris Tan ?




SHOT #32

Rescheduled: 16-18 June-2022
Location: Krabi-Aonang, Thailand
Hare: Anand "Pussy Hunter"


Finally, our wayfaring hash is travelling overseas again!!!
Yes! We have decided to host SHOT #32, in neighbouring Thailand, on the south-eastern twin towns of Krabi-Aonang, which are approximately halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. This choice is made so that in this covid era, more flexibility can be had in how one travels - either by air, road, or a combination of rail & road.

For the uninitiated, both Krabi and Aonang sits by the coastal strip amidst limestone outcrops and karst topography, affording stunning views with iconic islands that harbours gorgeous corals. Snorkeling and diving are magnificent in the surrounding waters, and rock climbing is also a sport of choice.

In this less developed corner of Thailand, there are ample hashing ground to stomp. As elsewhere in the Land Of Smiles, the world famous sumptious Thai cuisine await our intrepid hashers. And, as always, opportunity to rest and relax is aplenty with the soothing ways of the Thais.

On On to Krabi-Aonang! 


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