SHOT #35

Dates: 1-3 December 2023
Location: Manila/Batangas, Philippines
Hares: Jim Morrison & Opera


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SHOT #35 Itinerary
  1. Friday, Dec-1, 3:00 pm for Registration Party @ Handlebar Pub. And 5pm for start of Red Dress Run @ Handlebar Pub. Run finish same place, snacks & beers till stock runs out
  2. Saturday, Dec-2, 9:00am  gather at the vicinity of Makati Palace and board vans for departure to Batangas resorts (Sea Spring & Planet Dive). Check in, and be ready for run departure at 2.30pm.

The Registration Party will start from 3:00 pm on Friday, which gives everybody ample time to get back to their respective hotels, if they so choose, to change into proper RED DRESS for the run. For those of you who are ill-prepared, one of the SHOT freebie will be either a RED pareo (ladies) or sarong,  so all you need is to don something RED for the top!

By design, the RED DRESS RUN will be a charity event, so beer stops and snacks will be somewhat limited so that there is some leftovers for a local charity. Do bring some pesos with you!

Google Maps link of the Handlebar Pub.

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As has been intimated earlier, the winter SOLSTICE HASH ON TOUR will be held in Manila/Batangas, the Philippines, from December 1-3, 2023. Apart from the usual boisterous hash with all its accompanying shenanigans, this SHOT will afford some enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in water sports, particularly snorkeling and scuba diving, as the main event venue will be at a dive resort situated right by the beach of the world-famous diving locale of the Anilao area of Batangas.

The party, however, really begins with a Red Dress Run which, unsurprisingly, will be held at and around the eponymously named district within Makati, one of 16 highly urbanized cities that makes up Metro Manila. As per hashing tradition, the Red Dress Run will be a charity event, so it constitutes a separate entity within the SHOT programs, and participants pays a separate fee to join, with intended surplus going to a local charity which the local hashers will identify and forward the proceeds to.

Important Pointers to note:

  1. Since the Red Dress Run starts in the late afternoon of December 1, and by necessity the SHOT registration will precede it, you need to get to Manila by the early afternoon of December 1. The main Registration Party will be at the Handlebar Pub, so you should really book your accommodation at or around the Makati Palace Hotel, which is just 200m from the Handlebar. Hotels are aplenty in the vicinity, so there are plenty of choices to suit different budgets.
  2. On Saturday, December 2, ALL SHOT participants will be bussed to the main event venue i.e. the Sea Spring Resort in Mabini, Batangas, which usually takes between 2.5 – 3 hours, but could be a lot longer if traffic is heavy.
  3. Main event venue is WHOLLY BOOKED by us, so once you register, you will next need select the hotel and room of your choice using the hotel booking form. You will pay the Registration Fee together with the hotel room for 2 nights (Saturday, December 2 – December 4, monday).
  4. The Hangover Run on Sunday, December 3, planned to be on a nearby offshore island, is expected to finish sometime in the mid-afternoon, so you’ll likely get back to the resort in late afternoon or early evening. You will need to stay another night at the resort; it is a great place anyway, what with a few hot spring pools with varying degree of hotness to choose from within the resort grounds for a soothing dip.
  5. Buses will ferry those wishing to return to Manila in the late morning of Monday, December 4, so if you plan to leave on that day, be sure your flight is in the evening or night or, better still, the following day. If this return arrangement does not fit your schedule, you will have to make your own return trip at your cost.
  6. For those interested in snorkeling/diving, both the resorts which we have made room reservations with are dive resorts, so you could extend your stay without moving base.
  7. Due to the provision of return transport to/fro Manila/Batangas and additional transport to run sites, total cost for all transport works out to be around RM200/pax, which we will have to lump into the regular SHOT fee of RM300.00, making Registration fee of RM500/pax, a never-before levy except when we went to Fukuoka in Japan. This is a reality check; all sorts of things – food, beers & other beverages, as well as transportation costs have gone up significantly over the years, and it has become untenable for us to continue maintaining the status quo.

So, despite the additional challenges and burden, if you are still keen to hop onto the upcoming SHOT bangwagon, get ready to sign up when Registration opens from midnight of October 10, 2023! Numbers will be strictly limited to 180pax due to the constraint of accommodation limits.


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