Two hotel bookings are required.

  • Friday night (1-Dec) in Makati / Manila. You need to book and pay this hotel yourself using Booking.Com, Agoda or similar.
  • Saturday/Sunday nights in Batangas. This hotel is booked with the link below, and is paid together with the SHOT registration.

The link for Sat/Sun Hotel Booking Form is further down below.

The hotel booking form for Sat/Sun night has now been removed, since the SHOT event is imminent...


Friday Night in Manila.

Book your accommodation at or around the Makati Palace Hotel, which is just 200m from the Handlebar Pub. Hotels are aplenty in the vicinity, so there are plenty of choices to suit different budgets.

The main Registration Party will be at the Handlebar Pub, so you should really book somewhere near here.


Saturday/Sunday Nights in Batangas.

We have managed to book a total of only 67 rooms but many dormitories with bunk beds spread over 2 nearby resorts. As can be inferred, since this is a diving area far out from nearby towns, public transport is not readily available, and resorts usually don’t have many rooms and not so near to each other. The rooms we have are absolutely a premium, and we strongly do not encourage single occupancy, as it will deprive others of accommodation. As best we can, we will block single occupancy bookings, but if you should get through, you will be levied a surcharge of RM80/night.

Please also note that both the hotels are dive resorts, so it is convenient if you want to dive either pre- or post-SHOT, and arrangements directly between yourself and the resort. The large of the resort – Sea Spring Resort – sprawls over a few hectares, and also has many hot spring pools. The nearby smaller resort known as Planet Dive, is more cosy and has better ambiance set in a steep promontory. Both hotels provide breakfast as part of your booking, They are less than 500m apart, so is within walking distance from one another. Sea Spring Resort will be our main event venue.

In true hashing spirit, we strongly encourage you to either multiple-share, or opt for the bunk beds, especially if you are budget-conscious.

Sea Spring Resort - Breakfast included

Room Type Quantity Price/ night Two nights Single Occupancy Surcharge
Twin Sharing Room 48 RM210 RM420 RM80/night
Triple Sharing Room 6 RM315 RM630 RM80/night
Dormitory beds 66 RM52 RM104 n.a.


Planet Dive- Breakfast included

Room Type Quantity Price/ night Two nights Single Occupancy Surcharge
Twin Sharing Room 13 RM210 RM420 RM80/night
Dormitory beds 6 RM68 RM136 n.a.


For Twin sharing and Triple sharing, the room rates quoted above are price per night per room. If you are sharing a room with your partner/friend, then you only need to book one room.

For Dormitory Beds, the rates quoted above are price per night per person.

For the Dormitory Beds option, the Sea Spring Resort has dormitory's that include up to 10 beds, while the Planet Dive dormitory has 6 beds. The booking form allows for a max of 6 beds to be booked at one time, so if you're doing a bulk booking, and more are required, then do a second booking.

Pay the hotel cost by bank transfer direct to Ben. The Hotel cost will vary depending on the options you have selected, so check the email you received when making Hotel booking, to confirm the amount to be paid.

  • Maybank Account#: 1144 9622 6557
  • Account Name: Bernadette Merlvis Anak Kulen
  • Transfer Transaction Details for payment tracking purposes: SHOT35 + Your Registration Name.
  • Kindly email your payment details to Bernadette (Ben) at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do not use WhatsApp to contact Ben, but use the email shown above.

For those hashers that reside in Philippines, fill out the on-line forms and Opera will advise you on the cost in peso's and how to pay.

Deadline for payment is 1-November.
Any cancellation thereafter will incur a cancellation fee of RM100